Brass refinishing

Hi all,

It’s Easter season, and our church has undertaken the semi-annual
cleaning of the brass. These days, it doesn’t do much good. The
brass plate has long since worn off in patches, and you can easily
see the darker metal underneath. Each year, the patches get a little
bigger and more noticeable.

It would be nice if we could fix our various candelabras and
candlesticks so they shine again. Does anyone know of a someone who
might undertake such restoration/replating? As with most small
churches, we’re not wealthy, so price will be a consideration. (And
I have NO idea how much such an undertaking would cost. But perhaps
we could do it in stages, if necessary.) It sure would be nice if we
could refinish them before next Easter. I’m hoping someone out there
in Orchidland will have an idea or contact to help us! We’re in
Mansfield, Massachusetts, but could ship them elsewhere in the U.S…
(Overseas shipping would be prohibitively expensive, though.)

Thanks, all!

Hello Suzanne: My company can help you. Our work is excellent and our
letters of recommendations are in our web site. or toll free 1-888-822-8746 All the
that you will need is in that site. Best Wishes, -raymond

Suzanne, PJ Gill in Woburn, MA specializes in ecumenical
electroplating. I have used them before and found them excellent.
If you contact me, I can direct them to you. If you drive down to
Metalwerx, it will be a good excuse for you stop by and say hello!