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Brass plating help


Hi all, I got a request I cannot answer properly, if anyone can
please email him off list as well as posting a reply for general
interest to the list.

Thanks! Charles

We are a private Bulgarian trading company dealing manly with
chemicals and metals for our domestic plating industry.

We have a customer, producing fitting for shoes and bags
(buckles, clasps). At the moment they are using as a base
material alloy with the following content: 95%Zn, 4%Al, 1%Cu in
cyanide bath. In the plating process over this material they put
additional 3 layers:

1.) Cu ;
2.) Bright (Glanz) Nickel;
3.) Brass.

Do you know some products for plating in order to avoid the
first and/or the second phase in such a plating process using the
a.m. material? The color after treatment with Brass should be
deep yellow (look like Gold color). Some people in Bulgaria
called such a process “Gold-Brass” plating.

Many thanks in advance for your reply and cooperation.

In the mean time I remain

With kind regards For “Fintech” Ltd. Atanas Golev-Managing Partner

P.S. Our full address is:       1407 Sofia
                    3-9, "Srebarna" Str.
                    "Fintech" Ltd.
      	      tel.:   003592-9624319
     	       fax:    003592-9624939
      	      e-mail: or

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada