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Brass findings

Hello Orchid members,

I am lookind for a manufacturer of various models of pendants,
earrings and bracelets made in brass. I would appreciate to know
reliable source, printed or website …

thank you, Richard

Dear Richard: Our company makes brass ornamental stampings. If you
wish, check our website and let me know if you’d like some literature
and/or samples.

Andrea Guyot Twombly
Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.

Contact Metalliferous in New York, phone (212) 944-0909. They have a
base metal findings and metals catalogue for $5. Brass, Copper,
Nickel, Bronze, Aluminum. I don’t think they carry earrings, but they
do have the other stuff you want. (They also have a silver catalogue
with some neat hard to find stuff.)

Rene Roberts on the coast in Mendocino, CA, where this week I am
taking a fabulous weeklong workshop with Andy Cooperman at the
Mendocino Art Center. Foggy, but who cares?