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Bracelets from old guitar strings


I want to make some bracelets from old guitar strings and don’t know
where to start. Do you know what I should use for clasps or how I
will bond the clasps to the wire? Or how to bond the wire to itself to
make a basic loop? Glue, welding, tiger tail…


Hi Rob - an interesting idea. You could use crimps to clamp the wire
to itself into a loop into which you could pop your clasp (say a screw
clasp or a bolt ring). This should work well if you can find crimps
wide enough. The best thing would be to phone one of the bead
suppliers and ask them crimp sizes. If you have never used crimps
before, the are tiny rings of metal that you thread over, then double
the wire back inside the same loop and then crush the loop tightly
with jewellers pliers. They hold very well. If you are a silversmith
too then you can make these little rings yourself really easily - you
could probably even use tiny silver jump rings and join them first but
you would have to have a play around with this. Best wishes Harriet,
Hitchin, UK