Bracelet repair

I’be not tried it on a repair, but my teacher Hal Schemer taught me to fill hollow items with water, sealed with wax, and freeze before bending to avoid kinks.

Totally get it. I will try that repair on another style for sure. This one is pierced throughout. It will not hold water. I don’t see where the wax would be a strong enough cap to hold the pressure of freezing water either.

too many problems with the piece…pierced all over so it won’t hold water, even with wax, too thin to work with… trying to pull it out from the outside would lead to a distortion elsewhere… like a lump on a rug that’s stomped down only to appear elsewhere… trying to push it out from the inside means cutting thru piercings… hopeless… if it belonged to you, you could try, and own whatever damage you cause…
send it back to the manufacturer…


If it were me I would cut out a section on the inside and then push out the dent then resolder the piece back into place polish and finish. Not that hard of a job just takes time and good torch control.

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Know when to walk away, and know when to run.
I specialize in repairs, and this is a job I’d run away from, and suggest ( strongly) it be returned to the manufacturer.
If I was pushed beyond that, the repair would cost dearly, with no promises of success.


When you take in a ring for a simple repair, it could be a ring from hell.
We don’t perform miracles, we leave that to the “supreme jeweller upstairs!”
We are humans just trying to do our best.
I remember one customer got irate that I refused to do his gemstone setting.
I’m married to my wife and I didn’t want also to get married to this “piece of excrement”!

To accept a poorly made item as our “ringdoctor” wrote is to run away at 100kmh.
Once you touch it, it’s YOURS!
Your intended profit is quickly wasted. Hand it back and enjoy your life. You’ll be a better person for it.
(Gerry, who is still in a rehab hospital)

“Gerry, on my busy iPhone”