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Bracelet made of old brass coins

I am trying to create a bracelet using old brass coins. I tried
making the links from copper wire to solder onto the edges of the
coins, but the links looked too big. I used silver wire instead but
they aren’t soldering properly and keep coming off. I thought I was
using the correct methods but there might be something which is
crucial for this process.Help that I am not using. The coins are 1"
in diameter. Does anyone have any info., including propper size for
the links, etc. which might help me to create a coin
bracelet. Thanks. Ellie

Ellie, one way to approach your bracelet, is to overlap the coins
with one small jumpring on the top of one coin and another on the
bottom of the next coin. They will sit up just a bit, but with the
overlapping, the hinge point will be hidden as well as giving the
curvability you need. Curtis

Ellie, Have you considered a cuff style bracelet where each outside
edge is a chanel where the coins fit into and a bridge between the two
edges every couple of coins to firmly hold the two sides together?

No defacing the coins that way.