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Boxing wax?

   Take a glob of boxing wax or bees wax stick it solidly to
the top of the cab and pull it free with a sudden jerk. This
works most of the time. 

Tom, What’s “boxing wax”? Thanks

I’m not Tom, but Boxing Wax, when I used it in Dentistry, was a
soft, somewhat tacky red wax that was used to enclose an
impression to enable the pouring of a model in plaster or
"stone". You can probably obtain it at a dental supplier or from
your friendly, and kind dentist. JZD

Hi Kat

SWEST describes boxing wax as: “Slightly tacky…adheres to
itself and other waxes without application of heat” It’s red in
color and comes in a box of 12" X 1.5" strips. Their order # is
164-720, about $15. I’m looking at an old catalog ,'95 I think,
so I hope they still have it. It’s great for removing stones
stuck in bezels as well as to pick up melee by putting it on the
end of a needle file etc…

Hope that helps, Tom
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Boxing wax is a red, soft, rather sticky wax sometimes used for
things like sealing a dental type casting flask to those metal
sprue formers when using investments that react to rubber sprue
bases, or building up a little dam around something you need to
pour plaster or whatever else on, like when setting up a bunch of
heads or parts in clay or wax, imbed in plaster to solder…
The stuff is very formable with fingers, kinda like a kneadable
eraser once you’ve warmed it up a bit in your fingers. Pretty
useful stuff to have around for minor repairs to wax models
(smear it with fingers into gouges and nicks), stone pickup wax,
and assorted other such tasks. For actual wax model creating,
it’s somewhat limited, since it’s kinda sloppy undisciplined
stuff. But if you’re looking for a wax that can do the same
things you might do with clay in your fingers, this is it. You
can also use it for sprues or suchlike, where a wax melting lower
than your model might be desired. Kerr makes it. Comes in
sheets about 1/4 inch thick, a pretty fair supply in a box…

Peter Rowe