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Bow-bender pliers?

use bow-bender pliers to tension the joint, bending on the opposite


I love this tip, and will try it immediately. One thing–What are
"bow-bender pliers"?
Thanks! --Noel

Hi Noel and All; Ring-benders is probably the better term for what I
am referring to. Bow-benders are actually smaller versions designed
for closing “bows” or "“bails”, the little thingies that go on the
top of pendants to hang them on chains. Ring-benders are pliers that
have a narrow jaw on one end and a “V” shaped groove the length of
jaw on the opposite side. They are quite hefty things. Imagine
holding your first and middle fingers together and pressing your
thumb into the groove formed between the two fingers. If your
fingers were strong enough, you could bend metal into a curve in that
juncture. The pliers are somewhat more expensive than other pliers,
but once you’ve got a pair, you won’t part with them.

David L. Huffman