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Bouncing Stones - Great Trick

one peice of good but disappointing advice was: but remember to
push them out against a piece of wood such as your bench peg,
otherwise they'll go into orbit. Here I have been practicing hard
at the Find the Diamond game. I thought it would be the next
olympic sport and I would be a gold metal contenter! <sigh>
<major grin> Ruth


Don’t know if anyone else out there has said this but I recently
learned a great (an embarresingly obvious) trick. Simply lay a
work towel out in your bench pan to cover everything within it
and if by chance a stone drops down, it won’t bounce off
anything hard and travel on to Mars. Also, you won’t have to pick
thru your filings and tools. It will be much easier to find on
the even color and texture of the towel.>

Hope this helps;

Steve Klepinger