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Boulder Opal Source

Hi. Does anyone have a good source for Boulder Opals? Thank you in
advance. Best, Victoria

  Hi. Does anyone have a good source for Boulder Opals? 

Try for great boulder as well as
Yowah Nut and Koroit. Prices listed are full retail. If you’re a
qualified wholesale buyer, inquire about discounts. Barbara
McCondra, one of the site owners, is a dealer at my rock club’s
annual show and is a terrific person.


hello Victoria- I have purchased many beautiful Boulder opals over
the years from Robert Shapiro of Madison, WI.I have always dealt
with him in person, but his website is:
selection online is limited, but I know he will send parcels on
approval. I’ve also been very tempted by stones on
customer has had me set stones he has purchased from this site;they
have all been good quality. Daphne Kittery,ME

Hi. Try Opalcentric in Bondville,Vt. Tina Heaney and Tom Birdsall
who are just back from Australia.
888-392-4832. Great stones and great to do business with. No
connection except helping nice people do their thing.

Victoria, I have Boulder Opals on my web site,,
from the Redwood Mine in Queensland. E mail me for more images if you
see nothing suitable. Thanks, Josh,

      Hi. Does anyone have a good source for Boulder Opals? 
I guess its now time for me to come clean...I'm an Opalholic, and

one of these days, you will find me on a street corner, holding a
paper bag with a sign saying…" I will work for

 I have been buying Opal Rough direct from Australia, from Ed

Wherritt, for a number of years, and I still get excited opening a
package. I usually feel like I get 4 or 5 times my moneys worth in
Opals. Not only have I received great pieces of Opal, he has also
helped me with all my questions on cutting and polishing.

I met Ed several years ago, I was looking for some Boulder Rough to

learn how to cut it. I sent him an email, and after an explanation
of what I wanted, I asked him to send me several kilos of rough.
WOW!!! was I astonished at what I got. Any one of the pieces cut
would have paid for my investment several times over…

I am right in the middle of making a page to display some of the

opal pieces I have received, you will be able to find a link to in
on the first page of my Web under OPALS.

Ed also has a web site for cut and polished stones, its at : 			

09 To contact him directly, email him at or at : ed

Love and God Bless 	-randy 	Home 214-321-6253 	Cell 214-280-

7775 Work

Robert Shapiro in Madison WI is the best source in the country for
boulder opals as far as I am concerned. Contact me off list if you
want his phone #

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers