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Bottle blaster bead-basting system

Does anyone have any experience they can share about using the
Bottle Blaster Bead-Blasting System from Rio Grande?

I am a hobbyist and considering purchasing the system for light
sporadic use, for a sandblasted finish on earrings and small

Thanks. Nancy

I heard quite recently of a nifty (and cheap!) way of getting that
sand blasted finish. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might.

You buy a 2-3ft length of PVC plumbing pipe about 3" diameter, and
two end caps, one of which you fix on permanently to the pipe, the
other will need to be removable. Then you fill it one third full of
sand (say aquarium sand) and put in your pieces to be blasted.
Replace the cap and shake vigorously for about 5 minutes. The pieces
come out with a matte finish.

The coarseness of the sand has a direct effect on the finish of the
pieces, as does your vigour in shaking.

Admittedly it’s quite labour intensive, but you could think of it as
a 5 minute workout and really go to town with it!


If you do not fancy the workout, and the tube making, try it in your
tumbler wit fine sand, no idea if that works but should do, I asume


You could probably do the same in a vibrating tumbler with less

You could probably do the same in a vibrating tumbler with less

I like the sound of that idea!

Good way to try out techniques without having to buy all that
expensive equipment :slight_smile:

I presume you’re using sterling silver?

Emma Tallack

Seems like a lot of work. Use a tumbler with whatever grit or media
creates the finish you want. You would have to somehow mask whatever
surfaces on which you didn’t want the finish. Rob