[Boston] Studio Space to share?

Studio Space to share/Open Studio time???


I live in the Boston vicinity.

We seem to have very little in the the way of teaching studios,
shops or AFFORDABLE studio space for new metal workers like myself. I
just want to be able to practice as well as learn. The place I take
classes (Metalwerx) doesn’t have open studio time for their students
taking classes (as many places in other parts of the country do -
$10/hr or $100/mo for certain blocks of time…) They do offer “Open
Studio” as a set class time once per week for 3 hrs. which is
expensive and not helpful when you need to work on ongoing projects
for your current class.

Working on my assignments in my condo is becoming impractical. I do
what I can but even using picking and patina reagents are ruining my
counters, wood floor and sink.

Does anyone have any knowledge of places/schools/studios etc in the
Boston/South Shore/Metrowest area that would let me have studio time

  • heck I would love to even help out in their studio in exchange for
    some of my own work time?

Thanks in advance…

There is a place in Cambridge, MA, that I have heard has open studio
hours. When I go to class next week I will ask my classmate, Barbara.
She works in a studio there.

Best MA

I live in the Boston vicinity. 

Look into Metalwerx and the Artisans Asylum.


Hi, Lori -

Same problem as my little corner of chip filled heaven continues to
expand! I live in daily fear of the Puppy-Cat picking up a sliver
from one of the machines or from chips flipped while engraving.

I only know of two options:

  1. Artisians Asylum in Somerville evidently has an expanding jewelry
    section and, among other plans, will rent space by the day.

Decent parking, lots of space, but I believe currently without an
executive director so who knows what the future may [or may not]

  1. The Cambridge Center for Adult Education center has a small space
    for jewlery, but it’s much the same model of Metalwerx and very
    small/limited. Last time I was in a class there the instructor
    insisted on annealing anything that needed to be annealed. There
    also may be some potential drama involved in getting a seat in the
    [small and cozy] open studio ‘advanced’ class.

Don’t know of anywhere else around here. You’d think MW would be
more accommodating, but evidently that isn’t the way their business
model leans. Seems they’re trying to go forward primarily on
themerits of their Artist in Residence program - but they do draw
some great instructors for their classes!

I have been watching with interest models in the Southeastern US.
These generally start with the idea of obtaining a space to give
classes in, and expand their line by then offering space/tools/etc.
to responsible students.

However, when I talk to them, insurance and liability seem to be not
as difficult to obtain as they may behere in the land of the
suspicious and risk aversive.

Frankly, I’m about to the point where I’d like to find some other
local folks, shake some hands and share a rented space on a “be
mindful and respectful of each other” basis.


The Cambridge Center for Adult Education has recently moved their
jewelry studio into a small, but dedicated jewelry space and has
expanded their programming with new instructors as well. I am one of
the new instructors! There are Open Studio times available (which do
fill up quickly), that allow you to work on independent projects with
assistance available from an instructor when needed. They do have a
wait list system in place and with access to more instructors will
add additional sessions if there is enough interest. There class
costs are also very reasonable.

Hope this helps!
Pam Farren

Hi-great thread! Thank you, Lori, for your continued support for
Metalwerx. Since our name came up, we’d like to clarify our open
studio time for everyone. I’d be happy to go over any of this in
more detail with you offline.

We’re located in Waltham, Mass., about eight miles from Cambridge,
fifteen from Boston, and have plenty of free parking. When there are
no classes going on, which most often happens on Fridays between our
weekly classes and weekend workshops, we open up the studio so
students and other qualified metalsmiths can work on projects
independently. It only costs $10 per hour andhas been that rate for
years. Available times are listed on our online studio calendar:

Some upcoming days include next Friday (3/21), Thursday afternoons
for the rest of the month, and a full week between April 7 - 10.

Furthermore, to accommodate those people who want a more regular
schedule to do a significant amount of independent work, we
introduced our bench sharing program last year: People share a bench
one day a week, and work in the private Studiomate area. We
currently don’t have the staffing to make this available on
weekends. As Studiomates come and go, we hope to add anotherbench so
that five more people could have time on weekdays. We keep a waiting
list for anyone interested in becoming a full or part-time
Studiomate – Full time renters get 24-hour access and a private
bench. We have 17 full and part-time Studiomates right now.

We all remember the excitement when we first started learning
metalsmithing, and definitely understand that students always
benefit from spending moretime on it to advance their skills. We
have plans to grow in the coming years and hope to expand our
ability to offer more student work-time. In the meantime, if anyone
reading this would like to put their name on our Studiomate waiting
list, or consider volunteering as an evening open studio monitor, or
needs further info about our open studio offerings, drop us a line!
(781-891-3854 or info at metalwerx.com)

Lindsay Minihan, Director of Metalwerx


I spoke to my classmate at SMFA and learned she has a studio in
Sommerville, MA that rents out spaces for artists. My friend makes
jewelry and enamels.

The studio umbrella is Artisans Asylum. Their web address is below.

My friend rents a space year around. You can talk to the
organization and buy a 5 day pass to rent space. Or, longer periods
of time as my friend does.

Hope this is helpful.
Best, MA