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Boston Corporate Art (BCA) has gone bankrupt


seeking artists who had their work represented. Boston Corporate Art
(BCA) has gone bankrupt. Upon filing for bankruptcy earlier this
year, it moved some 750-1000 pieces of consigned artwork into a
warehouse. The artwork was slated to be liquidated by the trustee in
bankruptcy, despite the artists’ pleas for the return of their

After extensive legal negotiations and fundraising, the Volunteer
Lawyers for the Arts --in collaboration with Fort Point Arts
Community, Inc. -has succeeded in rescuing the artwork from the
bankruptcy court. The artwork is currently being inventoried in
preparation for its return to the artists.

Pieces of artwork in our possession are still unidentified, or
attributed to artists whose addresses are unknown. Many of the
150-200 artists involved still have no idea that BCA has gone
bankrupt and that they must retrieve their artwork within the 60 days
specified by the bankruptcy court. In order to get the artworks
identified and returned to their rightful owners, we must spread the
word to as many artists’ communities and organizations as possible.

We plan to reunite some 1,000 pieces of art with over 200 artists in
the coming months. Artists wishing to get their artwork back are
urged to call Becky Dwyer at 617-519-7288, or email please share this news with your colleagues!