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Boom microscopes

My eyes are fast approaching the ‘need the microscope’ stage. The GRS
system looks really good but will cost me about $2000. On ebay there
is a company that sells a ‘boom microscope’ for about $500. In fact
they sell plenty of stereo microscopes.All brand new, with warranty
Now I am wondering. I only need to have it for pave setting.

Make no mistake GRS is simply the best in my opinion, but man, $1500
difference buys me a lot of tourmaline rough, steaks or beer. So,
any body have experience with these things? (the ebay ones, I mean).

Cheers, Hans Meevis

I got my scope from an ebay shop, . I got the swing arm stand
instead of the boom stand, I find it easier to work with. Also don’t
forget to get the 0.5 lens to double the workspace and the ring
light. Most important from some of the cheaper scopes be sure it has
continuous zoom and not just 3 or 4 different powers. I love mine
could not do without, it would be on my list of have to have tools if
I was starting over.

Good Luck Happy Holidays and good selling
Bill Wismar

I have purchased several microscopes on E-Bay, mostly zoom Meiji
scopes similar to the ones GRS sells. You need to be sure that you
get a .5 diopter lens for the scope, it cuts the magnification by
half, and doubles the working distance to about 6 inches. I have both
types of GRS stands, the acrobat is easy to maneuver. I bought my
first scope at least 15 years ago- yes it was a major tool purchase
at the time, but it has paid for itself many times over. I couldn’t
set small stones (.01) without it…

Rick Hamilton