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[Books] Pearls

I have been reading the postings about pearls and find it very
informative. I had recently read a book called PEARLS. ORNAMENT AND
OBSESSION by Kristin Joyce and Shellei Addison. It is a great book
on the history of pearls and glossary of terms etc. along with nice
picture through out history of pearls. Any other books you can
recommend would be helpful. Thanks for such good posting to all at

Roxan O’Brien

Hi, Roxan … I’ve just gotten (on auction at eBay) another marvelous
book on pearls: “The Book of Pearls, Their History and Romance from
Antiquity to Modern Times” by Joan Younger Dickinson, published in
1968. You might find it at secondhand dealer or It
is well worth a search! LollyJ

Dear Roxan, I have a copy of Fred Ward’s book on Pearls and I have
learned alot from it. It is not a large book and it sells for Approx.
$16. Suzanne