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Books - outside interests -

larry - your post about ‘interests not about jewelry making’ was nice,
but left me with some questions: - what does “not about” mean - surely
there is only ‘about jewelry making’ in life isn’t there? am i
incorrect in believing that “outside interests” means when i take
some pieces & go sit on our seawall to burnish them? - you said “I
developed a love of bonsai many years ago” - have you also had to
glue fake leaves on the gracefully formed but bare limbed trees as i
had to do because while still alive they hid behind a pile (BIG pile)
of rocks & committed suicide? - has anyone else been embarrassed when
in public to have some guy think you’re ‘flirting’ with him when
you’re trying to sneak a peek at the design on his shirt because you
think it would make a nice carving? (i do not even want to talk about
trying to see the watch fob design on the keyring hanging from
another man’s front belt loop!!!) seriously, as a die-hard backpacking
mountain hiker i find it’s always best to have a partner: so pick a
nice strong one to carry the rocks you pick up to cut to make jewelry
which is what you can’t wait to get back home to do; even after
’eating down’ the initial 40-45 lb pack weight, when the pack gets
back to the trailhead a week or two later it’s heavier! quote from
’plato’ in ‘beetle bailey comics’: <<life is a swizzle stick: you’re
born, you live, you die, but it’s a drag if you don’t stir things up
a bit.>> people, get out there & stir! ive