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Books on your shelves

What books do you all have on your shelves that you refer to more
often than not (name and author)?


Based on Orchid recommendations, Ganoksin has compiled a
bibliography of books covering a broad range of gem and jewelry

The Jeweler’s Selected Bibliography -> Orchid Picks

Professional Goldsmithing by Alan Revere,

and Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop by Charles Lewton-Brain,

both of whom I’ve been lucky enough have studied with. Absolute
must-haves, exceptionally well written. Alan’s is more precise,
exacting : Charles’ is much more seat-of-your pants. Wonderful
things can be gleaned from each, and often complement each other. I
have also been greatly thrilled learning from Brian Clarke
(Ireland), an amazing metalsmithing teacher, but I don’t believe
he’s published a book per se. Drat, Brian, write a book!

I am honored to have had such skilled hands shape mine.

Kym Zorn Long