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Books on Jewelry

Mindful of the good Karen Christians gave on Tim
McCreight’s latest revision of his excellent Metalsmithing book, I
wonder if Orchid could have a site where books are similarly

I received two books today and neither one is in any way impressive.
Yes I have the option to return them,and I will. One of these books
is by an author of another book I found to be helpful and worth
owning. I bought this one strictly on the strength of the last one.
I am sorely disappointed.

I also recently bought a book that I saw one mention of
congratulations to the author here on Orchid. The topic is of great
interest to me and I went for it.

I had subsequently heard commentary on the book somewhat negative,
and when I received my copy, I could see exactly why. I know there
is music “Variations on a Theme,” I do not expect that in a book.
One single instruction, followed by modification, all beautifully
illustrated, making it looks as if there is content. No there is
not. It is like making a chocholate dough and using it in a layer
cake, sheet cake, cupcakes, brownies, thick cookies, thin cookies,

What I would like to see is a fair evaluation and a classification
of beginner, intermediate, advanced. A revue of techniques and the
ease of understanding them. Is the photography good, well laid out.
Is the price fair based on the content.

When I received the issue of Metalsmith most have been referring to,
I read the stinging book review and thought this reviewer did not
find one redeeming part on which to be positive, I put it aside with
intent of commenting in a letter to the editor. It got a bit buried
by subsequent stuff and left my conscious mind. When all of the
hullabaloo began, I thought I had better see what all the back and
forth is all about.

I was one of those asking for a fair definition between wearable and
non-wearable jewelry. I do not object to this issue, it clearly
meets the needs of some, and may open the eyes of others. I will
take a look at the maligned book, it is out of wallet range at the
moment, but I may sit in a book store and go through it. I doubt I
will agree with the scathing review. Nothing deserves that.

The books I am disappointed with, well there is something in each
and will satisfy many, just not me, and I wish I knew that in

I am not sure I am making my point, so please help me out a bit. I
do have much of Hanuman’s recommended list, those I could afford
that is, others are a wish.


Terrie said-

  I was one of those asking for a fair definition between wearable
and non-wearable jewelry. 

According to a past mentor of mine, jewelry, to be wearable, should
be durable and not pose a risk of damaging clothing or causing
personal injury.

I think that about covers it.

I marvel at some of the pieces I see in jewelry mags, like
neckpieces with foot-long spikes projecting from them, and bracelets
with curved, sharp metal projections- does that stuff come with
liability insurance? Really, jewelry that knocks your eyes out
should be only a figure of speech…

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry