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Book Synopsis #25

Miranda Bruce-Mitford, 128pp, 1996
Explores how jewelry in itself is a potent sign of love, wealth,
and romance. Explains how elements within a piece can
communicate subtle meanings that the designer and wearer
can appreciate far beyond the sum of the parts. Shows how
and deciphering mysterious and disguised meanings of symbols
can lead to provocative designs; and are a sure way to enhance
sales (consider the use of ‘birthstones’). This wonderfully
illustrated guide to more than 2,000 signs and symbols brings
together images from around the world and reveals their origins
and meanings, as well as their cultural differences and contexts.
0204221 - $24.95

Joen Wolfrom, 128pp, 1992
Discussion of color theory and use for design students or anyone
who loves color. Illustrated from the quilt field. 86 color photos.
1lb. 11oz. - 0205009 - $20.95

THE NEW LOOK: Design in the Fifties
Lesley Jackson, 160pp, 1991
This was the look that changed the way we see shape
even today. Its sculptural exaggeration and clean lines
soon became the symbols that influenced, and still inspire,
generations of talented designers. 266 illus. 86 in color.
Paperbound - 2lbs. 2oz. - 0201321 - $24.95

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