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Book Synopsis #23

THE BOOK OF KELLS: An Illustrated Introduction to the
Manuscript in Trinity College Dublin
Bernard Meehan, 95pp, 1994
These artistic designs with their decorative influences and
purposes are all topics of fascination to those with an eye
to both design and historic renderings. 117 illus. 110 in full
color. Paperbound - 1lb. 6oz. - 0201319 - $19.95

Celtic Design: A Beginner’s Manual
Aidan Meehan, 160pp, 1991
Explores the brilliant, beautiful designs, decorations and patterns
of the Celts. Expressed in their metalwork, jewelry and stoneware,
they are an astonishing art form whose legacy has fascinated
people for centuries. From the beguiling pathways of step and
key patterns to the continuous line of the spiral symbolizing eternity,
here are instructions for drawing and decorating letters in an
authentic Celtic style. Paperbound - 1lb. 4oz. - 0201322 - $15.95

THE COLORED PENCIL: Key Concepts for Handling the Medium
Bet Borgeson, 142pp, 1983
Perhaps no other medium affords such aesthetic freedom as do
colored pencils. They enable the designer to create works that
incorporate aspects of both drawing and painting in a broad range
of expression. Paperbound - 2lbs. 6oz. - 0203028 - $22.50

DESIGNING JEWELRY: Brooches, Bracelets, Necklaces
and Accessories
Maurice P. Galli, Dominique Riviere, Fanfan Li, 175pp, 1994
This second book follows The Art of Jewelry Design, presenting
progressive detailed text, sketches and finished drawings of many
varieties of brooch, bracelet and necklace designs. 89 full-color
design renderings. 3lbs. 3oz. - 0204072 - $59.95

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