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Book Synopsis #10


Donald S. McNeil, 268pp, 1976
Defines more than 7,000 terms used by jewelers, gemologists,
goldsmiths, silversmiths, watch and clockmakers, and engravers.
Nearly 2,000 of these terms describe items and processes introduced
after 1950. 3lbs. 3oz. - 0201213 - $39.95

JEWELER’S RESOURCE: A Reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas,
and Terminology for Jewelers
Bruce G. Knuth, 112pp, 1994
This book is written as a unique and practical tool for the bench
jeweler and jewelry student. It also serves as the most complete
counter reference available to the retail jeweler. The easy-to-follow
text and illustrations allow for the explanation of the many aspects
of gems and jewelry to the consumer. Paperbound - 1lb. 5oz. - 0204075

  • $15.95

JEWELRY: Contemporary Design and Technique
Chuck Evans, 296pp, 1983
Techniques, ideas, and art forms presented bring a fresh approach to
jewelry making. Contains a comprehensive, detailed appendix of safety
which includes a guide to hazardous materials, their
effects and appropriate precautions. Includes 500 illus. - 32 in full
color. - 2lbs. 13oz. - 0203101

  • $34.95

Bernada French, 64pp, 1976
Written for the hobbyist who wants hours of inexpensive relaxation and
enjoyment. Paperbound - 1lb. 6oz. - 0203103 - $4.00

JEWELRY HANDBOOK: Repair Department Procedures
Archie D. Henderson, 50pp, 1987
Will aid the store employee in accurately recording on
repair envelopes and to establish proper estimating procedures while
limiting the possibility of store loss and much more. Spiralbound -
15oz. - 0203104 - $11.50

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