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[Book Review] Gold of Africa


Book Review :

“Gold of Africa Jewellery and Ornaments from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire,
Mali and Senegal”

By Timothy Garrard, Prestel Pub,
1989: the Barbier - Mueller Museum, Geneva

Now this is a truly attractive book. One of those coffee table
type books dripping with gorgeous National Geographic quality
photos, or maybe Smithsonian quality - and all about metal and
gold objects. Besides being a beautiful book full of superb
color pictures it is crammed with accurate ethnological
about who did what, when and where. It is good
enough to function as a textbook, in fact I’d call it the
definitive book on the subject, or at least the most interesting
and entertaining one, combining good factual, scholarly writing
with enough juicy photographs to satisfy anyone wanting to add
something impressive to their library of jewelry books and
related subjects.

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