[Book] Masters of French Jewelry

Picked up a good book at the “Masters of French Jewelry” show in San
Francisco at the Legion of Honor (see this show if you are in the
area, it’s fabulous). The book is titled simply “Jewels” by author
Victoria Finlay (Ballantine Books, 2006, hardback only at this

She writes about the history, mythology, and interesting stories
behind familiar gemstones in a very entertaining and easy to read
way. She also visits ancient and modern mines (Eygpt’s ancient
emerald mines, river pearl fishing in Scotland, the San Carlos
Indian Reservation for peridot, Coober Peedy in Australia for opals,
and even into Burma’s ruby mines) and reports on the miners and
middle men today and in the past. I recommend it for beach reading
this summer!

Usual disclaimer that I do not know this author or have any
financial interest in recommeding this book.

Cynthia Clearwater

Jewels: A Secret History
By Victoria Finlay

Price: $17.13

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Ballantine Books
Release data : 15 August, 2006