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[Book] Jewelry of Burning Man

“Jewelry of Burning Man” by jewelry teacher and jeweler, Karen
Christians, Christine Kristen, historian and George Post,
photographer is a photo- and story tour of the rich array of
ornament crafted over the years for Burning Man, the annual
week-long festival that has been held in the Black Rock Desert of
Northern Nevada for the last 25 years, now drawing in 70K
participants from all over the globe. This body of work is perhaps
unique in that it has been fabricated entirely for the sole purpose
of gifting to other participants, unconditionally and often at great
expense and effort. Inventive, touching, sometimes simple, sometimes
extraordinary, this adornment reflects the shared community values,
theme camps, volunteer groups, organizational departments and annual
themes based on the event’s Ten Principles. The book chronicles 20
years of jewelry by yearly collections and the stories and work of
50 Makers, themselves moving and sometimes extraordinary, behind
each featured piece. Jewelry of Burning Man is self published.

Karen Christians is an educator and maker in the metal arts and
holds a BFA with High Honors from the Massachusetts College of Art.
She developed the metals program at the Cambridge Center for Adult
Education, founded Metalwerx: The Community School for Jewelry and
the Metals Arts, a non-profit school in Waltham, MA, and Hot Craft
Studio for Jewelry at Artisans Asylum in Somerville. She teaches and
lectures nationally, and is published in many professional and
technical magazines. She is the author of the book, Making the Most
of Your Flex-Shaft ( ) and,
Jewelry of Burning Man ( )