[Book] History of Tools and Methods

Does anyone know of a book or books on the methods and ancedotes
of jewelry making through history? When I look at very early
and certinally prior to electric it amazes me to see and imagine
how the early jewelers made their art and how long some must have
taken to make beautiful and accurate jewelry. This Idea came to
me after seeing Lalique’s exhibit in Dallas last fall. I was
amazed at the quality workmanship…spent more time looking at
the back to learn secrets of construction and methods. If anyone
gets a chance to see the exhibit …Go. Ron

Hi there, Have you seen Theophilus’ Treatise? With the exception
of his descriptions of alloying various golds and silvers (which
is completely off the wall but very funny) it is a good read.
Another one is Bevenuto Cellini’s Treatise on Goldsmithing. It
has some interesting fact in there too.