[Book] Faceting History

Hi Everyone:

I am new to this forum, and so will tell a bit about myself and my
interests. I have been faceting colored stones for over thirty-five
years, and have achieved great success in entering faceting
competitions on a Nationwide and International level.

I often wondered how the early faceters were able to fashion
diamonds and facet colored stones. What kind of equipment did they
have centuries ago? What methods did they use to achieve success?
They surely did not have electricity available to simplify their

Three years ago I stopped faceting gemstones and started my research
into learning the answers to my questions. I have just completed a
This is a book that will be interesting and informative for all
faceters. The book is also very valuable to the owner of any jewelry
store and the sales force working the counter in the store. If read
and re-read from time to time, the salesperson will have valuable
that he/she can use to more easily make a gemstone sale.
The salesperson will sound more knowledgeable to the customer. My
book should become popular for being in every personal library,
where it can inform, entertain, and help with making sales.

Check my web site below for more if my book is of
interest to you.

In viewing my website, you will see that I have been deeply
interested in other areas: such as, flying…gaining a commercial
pilots license with flight instructor and instrument ratings,
photography, woodworking, ham radio, obtaining a Graduate Gemologist
diploma at GIA, and operating a retail interior decoration shop for
many years.

Thanks for reading.
Glenn Klein, G.G., Lake Forest CA USA

To My Orchid Friends

Glenn Klein is indeed a well respected friend. I know that his book
will be a welcome addition to everyone’s personal library.

A meticulous researcher, for sure not a single stone was left

Last year, I introduced Glenn and Hanuman to each other, they spoke
about the book during the Rio Catalogue in Motion.

I believe Glenn plans to attend the Orchid Dinner as well as the
Faceter’s Hob Nob the following night. It will be a good time to
meet and greet, as well as welcome Glenn to Orchid.

thank you,

Hi All: I have received several requests for a list of what is
STONES. After fighting with my computer for quite some time (with it
always winning), I was finally able to place a new page four on my
web site http://www.glennklein.com called BOOK TABLE CONTENTS. Click
on that button and you will see what the chapter titles are and what
is included under each chapter.

Glenn Klein, G.G.
Lake Forest CA USAwww.glennklein.com
Email: @Glenn_Klein