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[Book] Diamond Setting - Volume 2


Dear All

I have ‘totally’ revamped my “Manual of Diamond Setting” corrected
some little gremlins that were lurking around. Now I have come out
with Book Number two. This book comes with a 16 minute video on “How
to Grind a Graver”, many pages are now in colour. This book shows
the many techniques on setting stones. Many close ups of beading
stones again in glorious colour. I am very happy over this newer
book. Setting Tapered Baguettes, Channel setting, Bezel Setting, many
pages again showing how its donein greater detail with the aid of
coloured articles. “How to Bright-Cut” is shown with great detail and
very easy to learn. In book Number One I’ve added many coloured
pages, these were lacking in the original printing:>(

I will be releasing this “Book Two” at the Denver, "Bench"
Conference, in April. I am very optimistic it will sell out fast. So
set aside some shekels and add this to your setting collection now !
Gerry Lewy. @Gerald