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Book Availability

Was: Soldering 101

Reference the book you are seeking: "Navajo Jewelry - a Legacy of
Silver and Stone" 

I did a quick search on Barnes and Noble and, although they can’t
get the book directly, it was available from several of their
authorized resellers, starting at a cost of $8.99. If you want it,
you might want to try ordering it.

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

I notice several people on this list mentioned trying to find old
and out of print (jewelry) books. My wife is presently earning her
doctorate and I buy her books for her. I get most of them used from

When looking for books I use either or Both of them search book sellers including ABE,
Alibris, Half, Powell’s, Amazon, and hundreds of smaller new and
used book sellers.

I am unfortunately still having trouble sourcing the book I am
after, even in the US using websites that people have mentioned.
Maybe it’s out of print now.

By the way, the book I am after is: “Navajo Jewelry: A Legacy of Silver and Stone”. It is by Lois Essary Jacka.



It came straight to the surface for me: and NO you can’t borrow my
own copy.

Check under the lounge for $8.99 in coin and you’re reading.

Mark Bingham

Sorry if this is repeat info, but have you contacted Charon Kransen
Arts? He specializes in hard to find and out of print books on

Victoria Lansford

Helen, I use for book finding. It searches roughly 36 book
dealers and lists the results in cost comparison order. “Navajo Jewelry” by Lois Essary Jacka is available several places, per, including and and Don’t
know if the copies are used, but assume they are.

Happy reading/viewing!