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Bonsai Tools and Jewelry Making


For 30 years I did bonsai (gave it up for orchids, which live longer
and flower a lot better too;-). Anyway, I have bonsai tools galore,
and have been delighted to find how many of them work just fine for
jewelry work. There are several different kinds of shears that are
great for sheet work, and you can’t beat the bonsai wire cutters
(which I’ve seen rip through 6 gauge copper like butter) for cutting
any jewelry wire. There are many different brands - one I’d
recommend is Kiku. They often cost less than the corresponding
jewelry shears and cutters and do just as good, if not a better job,
as they are made to be manageable from many angles when working on
the interiors of trees. Try 'em out if you feel the need.

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers