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Bonny Doon was Hydrolic press question

Dear Guy,

get Susan Kingsley’s book about hydraulic press work. In it you will
find education for working pressures which you will need to know to
decide what tonnage you will need. I would always err on the side of
more pressure than you think you will need like electricity in a
studio, you will always need more. Susan’s book has die making
contacts in it as well.

I purchased ( OK Lee, so it took me a while) a Bonny Doon as well as
many 'Doon products. The reason I did this is because I needed to
have Lee as a resource for my many questions and he has always been
very responsive to my “stupid” questions. Lee Marshal, who owns and
operates and builds the Bonny Doons has built in brand loyalty from
me for that reason as well as having been the pioneer
engineer/builder in this area with Phil Poirer who I also have worked
with. Between Phil and Lee damn near any questions about press work
can be answered. If Lee is more expensive up front for his presses
it is because he has allot of knowledge and experience which I don’t
have time to develope by myself, I needed to get it as a tool and
make money with it right away. Working with Lee I have been able to
make money with the press ASAP. Without Lee I would not have been
able to justify my purchase through accounting so in my mind the
Bonny Doon is well worth the price and was the only way to go for

Sam Patania, Tucson