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Bombing machines

I’m sorry but I have to ask. In my quest to heighten productivity by
getting machines to do the things that take so long by hand (and as
I do so blowing any hard earned money that I actually take - sales
are slow to start!) my eye has passed across a bombing machine. I
liked the sound of it - well apart from the cyanide stuff that would
seem to be the active ingredient, but anything that gets rid of
firescale, restores the metal to its original colour etc etc. must
be great right? The price of even a mini version is phenomenal
though so I want to know if anyone out there has used one, has one,
would recommend one etc. We are looking to really push up our
production, at the moment its just me but I’m getting one of my
designs produced by a ‘real’ manufacturer and kinda resent paying
over the odds for something I could really do myself - with more
equipment!! Does anyone have any advice? I was blown away by the
response to my last question (cleaning after polishing) and have
actually invested in a little ultrasonic cleaner as well as taking
advice on board for hand cleaning. Whoever suggested the baby’s hair
brush and other non scratchy ones has my thanks!! Thanks in advance
for any advice and thank you also for the postings about the flux
and the cats (I have 3) and the inspirational stories about children
at camp getting into jewellery making (I have a 2 year girl who I
have just taught how to bead her first necklace with some cheapy
garish glass ones and some leather thong, she is so proud of it and
doesn’t want to take it off!)

Regards to you all, Mel


The dangers of cyanide are far greater than the benefits of bombing.
I know it is still done by many manufacturers but you or your
employees are at great risk of being killed by the stuff. Ask your
insurance person what having a bombing system will add to your
premiums, ask your local hazardous waste folks about what you need
to do to get rid of it within code.

In most cases a magnetic pin tumbler will do as good a job at
brightening the work as bombing and if you find that you just have to
have a bombed surface pay someone else to handle the risk.

Jim Binnion

James Binnion Metal Arts
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Member of the Better Business Bureau

Mel, I worked for 3 years in a gold jewelry factory as
designer/modelmaker/production supervisor. All the jewelry was
bombed. The color is beautiful, but, I noticed that the guy that did
the bombing was always an illegal alien, who was enticed into the job
by higher pay than what the polishers were paid. I also noticed that
after a year, his skin looked kinda blue, and he complained of
headaches. These guys usually lasted a year, each. (Needless to
say, I got out of that job before I got pregnant!) Don’t do this
yourself. Think hard before asking someone else to do it, either.


Cynthia Eid