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Bombing - and the understanding of

Thank you Peter W. Rowe and all who contributed to the
discussion on bombing. I think the fear generated by an
ill-informed group of people only fuel such debates to levels of
hyped hysteria. The committed artisan serves himself and those in
their immediate community by seeking to know and understand ALL
the known and practiced methods of making and finishing jewelry.
Understanding the proper use and disposals of such things as
cyanide(s) certainly doesn’t compell anyone to use them. If the
safety aspects of a work environment are first and foremost your
greatest concern (as they should be) ,and you don’t trust your
personal understanding of handling such things safely - then
please DO NOT. Just burying your head in the sand though to such
things, will not make the world a safer place.

Thank you all again for the much needed discussion and education.

Tony Baldwin