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Bola ties and their fittings



I am new to this site.

I am doing serious research on bolo/bola ties and their fittings,
with special interest in the fittings/clips/clasps on the backs, in
order to help date them more accurately.

I have gone through many hundreds of patents and found a number of
relevant patents, but still have a few very major unanswered
questions: The most famous bolo tie fitting is the "Bennett clip,"
which is stamped: “Bennett / Pat. Pend. / C-31.” However, he (Mr.
Bennett?) never applied for a patent, so there are no patent records
to help.

Who was Mr. Bennett? Where did he live or work? When did he design
or start manufacturing these fittings (circa 1950s probably)?

I have similar questions about the “Squashed U” fitting used on most
commercial/tourist /inexpensive bolos for the last 50 years or so.
Most of these fittings are now made in China these days, and the
packaging gives no Patent or other relevant history. Any
answers, sources, resources, suggestions will be greatly