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[Boise, ID] Bench jewler job suggestions

Hello all

I am working with refugees that come through our intake enter here
in Boise ID. One of my clients is from Iraq and has about 30 years as
a goldsmith working in his family business. He designed high end
pieces in Iraq, I have seen his work and it is very well done. As
much as I was able to communicate, he is able to do anything that is
needed and he worked exclusively in gold.

My job is to help refugees do job searches and apply to what few
jobs there are in my area. My question to the group is - does anyone
know of or have a need for someone with this level of skill? I would
hate to see him take a construction job (not that there are any) with
his skills. I have called Fred Meyer and they outsource to a local
shop that doesn’t have a need until November. Anything in the Pacific
NW would be fine should there be an opportunity.

Other suggestions are welcome as long as they have substance.

For those who don’t know, less than 2% of refugees from the refugee
camps are allowed in to the US. Once they are here, they are given 8
months to learn English, get a job, learn our culture, get drivers
license, etc. So, I have a challenging role and any assistance is
appreciated here!