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Body piercing

Labret is below your lower lip, the rest I don’t know, but this site
will show all of them to you!!

Warning, not for the faint of heart. Robin Wagner

 but what are Industrial, Labret, Monroe and Madison piercing? 

I e-mailed my niece and her was her reply (not nearly as exciting as
I thought it was going to be): I did not know these off hand, except
for the Labret, I had to look in the piercing/tattoo dictionary

Labret Just below the middle of the lower lip, just above the chin
Madison Front of neck between collar bones industrial - multi-pierced
ear using a single piece of jewelry, creating an industrial scaffold
Monroe, is also known as Madonna and it is a piercing right above the
lip like the mole Madonna has

Patti, in Colorado where it will be another hot one today.