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Blue quartz/blue chalcedony

When in Tucson, I purchased a small supply of the rough of a
relatively new blue chalcedony that comes only from Namibia. As far
as I know it is available from only one mine. It is a much darker
blue than the sky blue of holly blue agate, or any other blue
chalcedony I’ve seen. It is more in the tones of navy or perhaps a
lighter Pacific Ocean blue. I haven’t finished cutting a piece yet
because I’ve been working on other things but I’d be glad to forward
a photo if anyone is interested.

It is definitely a chalcedony and one of the pieces I have is
included with a lighter blue plume. It’s all quite handsome and an
exciting new material for those who like the glowy translucence of
chalcedony and want blue. As I said, I only got a small amount. But
I know I can track down the source. Of course, as one can imagine,
it’s not cheap.

Derek Levin


The ‘new’ blue chalcedony sounds intriuging. Do you have any idea
who is carrying it? Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in
SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2