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Blue gold...again

OK, I know that this subject has been discussed before. I wish I had
save d the articles that I am looking for, but back when the posts were
made, I wasn’t saving files on backup. Anyway, I know you can make
blue gold by alloying 24k with iron and that the alloy is not
malleable. However, I ne ed to know if it is castable using a torch and
normal (up to 2000 degree) investment. I also am aware that the blue
color is brought out best by heating the metal. I am sure the color
brought out in this way is not ver y durable but I am thinking of using
it in a pin so it really doesn’t matter a s much unless it can be
scratched off by regular handling.

Anyone out there care to comment on the durability/casting questions.
Als o do you all think that iron binding wire is pure enough to use as
the alloy? I have a lot of that! Answers and comments will be a great
help. Larry Seiger