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Blue Chalcedony

Anyone have a source for blue chalcedony that has high color saturation? Anyone have a spare unicorn for sale … lol. Ellensburg is a bit pricy. Holly blue …is well, purple … and pricy. I have a couple pieces of Nambian stuff I acquired years ago, but that stuff seems to be hard to find too. I searched the archives, not much there. I am not in the trade, so don’t need commercial quantities. I’m looking for rough … not cut stones. The stuff from Turkey looks kinda washed out … but I found a internet site that offers it for $250 a pound. Yeah … I know. If can buy a pound of it you may as well gravel your driveway with it. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be worse than my Indonesian blue amber experience … lol. Anyway … unicorns??

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I have a friend who has collected some from a Nevada that has very nice color. I can send a picture of what I have and you can see if that works for you.


That would be nice Wendy. My email is

Mark Haughton at always has beautiful chalcedony.

Hi Brent
Fine color blue rough isn’t easy to find. The Germans have it at Tucson if you can get there. The Germans, meaning the group from Germany that come to Tucson shows like the GJX. That’s where I bought my good rough from in the past. Best of luck

Thanks all! I got some solid leads on some nice material.

Thanks so much. No kidding, fine color blue isn’t easy to find. Here is a tip for younger folks … if it floats your boat, or you think you might need it … find the cash to buy it when you can. That advise is for high-end cutting rough … not sure works for other stuff. That does not include Mercedes … they make those every day. I could kick myself for passing on Nambian blue chalcedony, nice Sleeping Beauty deep blue flats, gem silica … just to mention a few. When they were cheap. I could buy Nambian blue chalcedony or Sleeping Beauty flats by the ounce for less than couple of burgers at Micky D’s … you priced Sleeping Beauty lately … if you could find it. Nambian African blue … just ain’t in the market anymore. Buy it when you can.

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