Blowtorches and astonishing woven gold

Dear Orchidians,

If any of you haven’t checked out the relevant page on Oya Borahan’s
web site

I highly recommend it. This is exactly why I object so strongly to
the attitude about “Third World junk” that I pick up from too many
members of this forum. Yes, I would love to be able to make stuff
like this (wire “crochet” is part of what I do) but, if I could, I’d
have to be in the big leagues just so that I could pay my rent.
Twelve days to weave a bracelet, plus the gold, and it takes years to

Again, there is no solution for this dilemma that I can imagine
happening in my lifetime. Even those women in Turkey aren’t going to
survive without government support. Probably, as Michael Stipe says,
they’ll “wind up in some factory.” Just like some of us.

Lisa Orlando