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Bling Bling makers on the list?

Group, Perhaps this is old news and I simply don’t get out enough,
but I found this fascinating/ gross. Is anyone out there on this
list making stuff like this?

Jeffrey McWhinney
McWhinney Designs

I am embarassed to admit it but I have made three sets. You take an
impresion of the teeth with this plaster you get at a dental supply
store then you pour a positive image in this other plaster, then you
build up the wax on the plaster teeth using the casting as an
armature and carve the anatomy of the teeth or whatever silly thing
they want like thier name spelled out in diamonds and rubies or
their gang affiliation. Thats the easy part after you cast it you
have to fit it to their mouth (yuck) yes that means lots of spit and
slime and grinding not on thier teeth but on the gold fronts they
have to bite down and the teeth sort of snap in place. I will never
make another set as long as I live so help me god. I would not
recomend this type of work to anyone but dentists they get paid more
and are used to bad breath and rotting teeth. Have any of you ever
seen teeth that look like big brown chicklets that are loose and
wiggly and smell real bad because of rotting gums and food embeded
in them I have and I had to touch them oh gosh just writing about it
makes me feel like some kind goldsmith slut, using my skills to do
somthing as unholy as this makes me want to beg forgivness from st
eligius the patron saint of goldsmiths. No matter how broke or
desperate for money you are their are easier less vial ways to make
a buck, just say no and you will not have to live with the shame
that I do.

sincerely Kevin Potter

You should send this monologue to George Carlin and make the whole
nation laugh. It was great.

Perhaps this is old news and I simply don't get out enough, but I
found this fascinating/ gross. Is anyone out there on this list
making stuff like this? 

In the Texarkana area , this is called Hip Hop Jewelry . I have done
the waxes molded to the dental plaster positives made from the
alginate molds. These were done for me by the jewelry store owner who
wanted this work done.

Considerations for me began when I cleaned up the dental plaster
model of the teeth. This work is one of a kind, so you need to figure
that into the deposit and pricing schedules. After cleaning up this ,
I formed sheet wax to the model. I then cut the sheet to size and
weight . 14 K yellow gold is the preferred material so wax weights
reflect this. I was given target weights to prepare for and it became
a matter of determining wax thickness. Removal of weight while
retaining enough structural integrity to set stones is tricky .

I was allowed to examine Hip Hop mouthpieces, one was taken from an
individuals mouth. Interesting discussions followed. I am neutral
about the work. Expect to practice VERY good hygiene when doing this
work. I did no casting as my studio was not completed so the project
is holding fire.

There are modest labor profits, but as many people consider this
beneath them, I would expect plenty of work. This is interesting, but
not over challenging work. This is legal and hurts no one directly, as
it is considered cosmetic only. I would take care not to look down on
my clientele as this is a raffish bunch.


Kevin - I have a shrine in my back yard with a little reflecting
pond in it. If you truly repent, you can come here and throw an
ounce of gold into the pond in the name of the Saint and you will be
free of your shame forever.


how about three ounces one for each violation and then maybe I could
jump in for a good scrubbing maybe then I would feel better and my
soul will be right with the great golden jeweler god.

thanks Kevin Potter