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Blind hole rivet, how this works?


The SNAG meeting in May 2013 in Toronto has a presentation on Blind
Hole Riveting to be presented by Shao-pin Chu of Shao Designs.

Additional stated “a blind hole rivet allows us to join
metal pieces together without a through hole.”

Can someone explain how this works? The concept is new to me.


It’s just like a wedged blind mortise in joinery. The rivet is a
sort of loose tenon.

I don’t suppose that helps anyone not familiar with high end

Here’s a drawing of a wedged blind mortise.

As you can see, driving home the joint forces the wedge into the
tenon spreading it into the undercuts.

When riveting you’d use only a single wedge to spread the rivet, and
you’d make a mortice in each part to be joined. The rivet is loose
and wedged into both mortises.


blind riveting is no big deal. Often used in industry. Good idea for

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