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Bleach and 14KTY - an undo button?

Hi everyone! I have a client who brought in a wedding band that she
had soaked in a strong solution of bleach (and water) to clean it
and now the gold has a noticeable green cast to it. Does anyone know
of an easy way to undo the unwanted green cast. I had seen the band
before and can vouch that it did not have the color to it
previously. Suggestions welcome on or offline as always! :slight_smile: Thanks,


Keneth, Advise your client that at no time should she (or he)
subject gold to bleach (chlorine) at any time for whatever purpose.
That includes swimming pools with chlorine disinfectant, washing
clothes, etc. Chlorine attacks gold alloys and causes a condition
called Chloride stress corrosion. This results in weakening of the
metal and eventual breakage and is the cause of many lost stones. As
for the green cast,I don’t know. Doesn’t sound too good. I would try
sanding and repolishing but wouldn’t have much faith in the remaining
strength of the metal.

Jerry in Kodiak


I thought many forum members would jump on this, however my
suggestion would be to replace the ring. Casual chloring can cause
damage, but soaking in bleach is beyond any hope for salvage. The
only question would be if any insurance company would allow a claim
if the jewelry was insured (?).

Jon Michael Fuja