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Blanking dies

G’day. It occurred to me that some of you might be slightly
interested in my method of making a variety of small parts in
thin sheet gold or silver which can be used in chain making,
earrings, pendants, etc., and which are boring to saw out even in
small quantities. Frinstance, flowers, leaves, fish, hearts,
figures, you name it. So I wrote a howto thing describing it.
Problem is, it turned out to be around 1050 words in length: a
whole load of that precious bandwidth which would clutter Orchid
cyberspace somewhat, and many would find it ‘so what?’ I make it
somewhere near 46kb’s. (But I’m rather numerically challenged
anyway.) Question, should I clutter Orchid with it, or should
I simply just mail it to anyone who asked me for it? Tell me, Dr
Aspler. /\ / / John Burgess, / / / //\ / / \ \ /
(___) \ (_________)