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Blank Silver Discs

I’ve been trying to find preformed, sterling silver, oval shaped
blanks. I need them to be about 24 Gauge. Anyone have a
suggestion as to where I might find something like this? So far
I’ve only been able to find them in round blanks.

Failing finding a performed blank, any suggestions on how to
make an oval shaped blank (approx. 8mm x 4mm) easily? I need to
have 50-100 so I don’t really want to saw each one. Any help is



Hi Michael,

Try Metalliferrous in NYC, 212-944-0909; they have lots of sizes
& shapes several kinds of metal.
If push comes to shove, you could make a pancake die cut your


Indian Silver in new mexico would probably carry them at the
best price they are at 1-800-545-6540. Tobacks in NY also carries
some sizes but they will cost you way too much. Jordan @ JD

Hi Michael

I have just read your e-mail about needing to make oval shapes
in sterling silver.

Have you thought of stamping these out with a Matrix Die that
can be used in a press. The blanks for these dies can be brought
from Lee Marshall at Bonnydoon Engineering. You will find Lee a
great help and has a great understanding of what can be done with

Their web site is

I hope this will be of help to you.
Best wishes.

MEH wrote:

    I've been trying to find preformed, sterling silver, oval
shaped blanks.  I need them to be about 24 Gauge. 

Try 550 Silver and Supply. They have an on line catalog Look under Silver Sheet & Wire Products
at their “metal works page”. They don’t name specific sizes of
ovals but they tend to be well stocked in general. I’ve ordered
from this company a few times and they are fast, well priced, and
courteous. So they have my vote.

Good luck Amy O’C

Dear Micheal Tha book JEWERLY MAKING FOR PROFIT describes how to
make several inexpensive die cutters of any shape it is available
in most bookstores ( I found mine at Borders ) sorry I do not
have the authers name as it is packed away awaiting the un
packing of my equipment hope this helps Ron

Michael - if you haven’t been told this already, contact Dave
Shelton, whose business names is Sheltec, I believe. He’s in
Tucson or Albequerque - advertises in most of the Jewelry-craft
magazines - and he makes cutting dies for people such as you.
Then you can use the cutting die in your vice (or hydraulic
press, if you have one) and cut out as many oval blanks as you
wish - now and in the future.