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Blank out a chalice cup

I have been asked to make a chalice and perhaps do a series of them.
Its been a while since I raised a vessel and though it would be good
to press it instead. I was wondering who out there has a bonney
doone press and what shapes you already have that you can blank out
for me and at what cost. I could provide the metal if necesary. I
could trade cadcam design and output if interested in a trade, but
money is also fine.

Please contact me off list with details

Thomas Cavagnaro, GG
Cadsmithing, LLC
480 688 4136

Dear all,

If you haven’t paid a visit to the Bonny Doon discussion group forum
I highly recommend it. There are many great people posting on this
site and lots of very cool digital photos too (gotta love the
visuals!). Also, brose the whole website it’s very informative. Keep
expanding that brain!


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support