Blaine Lewis's Stone Setting class

Hello All: I just came back from Blaine Lewis’s Stone Setting class
(New Approach School) and it was AMAZING. I have had the opportunity to
study jewelry techniques with many great teachers in the past who I
highly respect and admire but Blaine is at the top of my list. He is
a truly gifted teacher and he is committed to making sure each one of
his students leave his workshop with the skills they sought out to
learn. His small classes and his amazing ability to get the
across by ANY means necessary (from video tape, 3D
animations and giant wooden models of gravers ) is partly why this
class is so successful. The other half of this successful formula is
his patience and enthusisiam.

If you are really serious about fine tuning your setting skills - get
your butt to Virginia Beach! I can’t wait to take his platinum class
next year!


Dede,Where can we reach Blaine Lewis? Do you have tel#, e-mail or
website,address. I know I could always learn somthing new! Thomas

Two of the women who share my studio with were in the same setting
class as De De. The came back having enthusiasm, new tools, skills,
and an understanding of setting stones that is amazing for a four day
course. Blaine really does have a talent for both teaching and
inspiring people to really discover self confidence, by making stone
setting easy to learn.

DeDe, I could not agree with you more.I have taken Blaines stone
setting classes also and he has the best teaching methods I have ever
seen .His patience and personality make his class an enjoyable
learning experiance.The techniques and skills I picked up from his
classes has allowed me to make my buisness more succesful.I know
jewelers who have spent thousands of dollars on class time and have
not picked up the skills I did.You get the most bang for your buck in
his class.If anyone is serious about learning stone setting
techniques Blaine is the guy to go to.He teaches stone setting as an
art form not a hobby. Best

J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio

Hi all, I have to add an enthusiastic second to DeDe’s endorsement. I
took Blaine’s basic stone setting class in 1996. We did thirteen
settings in four days, with only one broken CZ [a marquise setting
lost a tip] for six students in all that time. Wow! His method of
presenting allows you to develop a three-dimensional understanding of
each kind of setting. You have a clear sense of exactly how the metal
must be shaped, how much must be removed from which place, and how the
stone will be safely held in the setting when you are done. When
someone had a problem or a success he would put the piece under the
videoscope and the whole class could discuss it. We learned so much
from each other that way.

If you’re feeling the need for a refresher, or if you’re a complete
beginner, this is the man to see. Also, his techniques for dealing
with fragile and delicate stones like emeralds and opals are
excellent, and he has this burnisher trick for bezel setting that is
truly a wonder. Taking his class is a treat to yourself.

Blaine sets a standard for patience in teaching and generosity with
his knowledge. And he’s a fun guy – what a deal!

Anne Hollerbach

I’ve already enthusiastically commented on Blaine Lewis’s superb
stone setting class so will just respond to the person who asked how
to contact him.

Call him at- 1-800-529-4763
web site-

Linda M