Blaine Lewish flush setting video

Does anyone actually have this video on flush setting? Rio and
Gesswein both can’t get this thing until May and I am just dying to
get it. I would consider buying a used copy without the practice rings
and stones if anyone wants to unload theirs. I haven’t been too
successful with flush setting even with the great instructions from
Orchidites and this video claims to show how to set fragile stones
like amethysts in this way. I’ve found videos are really helpful,
books are good but actually seeing something done is
much better, I’ve learned alot from Alan’s videos this past few

Dave, Blaine Lewis has developed a wonderful technique that is easy to
learn, and he has also developed some easy-to-make tools that will
really enhance your flush setting (and bezel-setting, too). If you
can’t find the video, try contacting Blaine directly at NewApproach
School. Check out his web site…and consider some of the workshops
he has to offer. Doug Zaruba

The reason we cannot ship these videos is because they are not yet
completed. Poor Blaine - he is really under the gun now and working
furiously to complete them. As sooon as he does, you can bet we will
be shipping asap. If you REALLY want the video(s) place the order
anyway so you can be guaranteed shipment from the first batch.

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Dave, If you can’t locate the video, you may want to look in the last
months edition of Professional Jeweler magazine. There is a great
article written by Mark Mann (I think) on flush setting. Many great
tips and tricks and excellent drawings. Regards, Ken Sanders

Hello, I am also new in the field , if you did receive an
overwellming response, I would love to trade to. I have also
gained alot from Revere tapes but i have not seen them all.

Let me know

barbara garrett
830 980 3513
New Braunfels, Texas