Blaine Lewis Video

To all, Marc Williams I could have not said it better myself.I just
this day finished viewing my copy of Bezel & Flush Setting with With
Diamonds and Fragile Colored Stones.Blaines new instructional
video.For anyone who is serious about learning to set stones or has
sheared the corner off of a Tanzanite or Amethyst lately this video
set is a must.It should be included as an integral part of any
shop.Not only are the graphics state of the art.Blaines easy manner of
teaching can be grasped by anyone interested in learning the art of
stone setting.You not only get great basic technique .He has added
advanced techniques and his tech tricks that are invaluable when it
comes to this type of setting.Plus ,and this is a first I believe in
the instructional video world he includes brass rings,tools AND stones
to give you hands on something to work with along with the two
tapes.Recently there was a thread on schools.You can buy this set of
tapes and watch it in the comfort of your own studio or home and watch
it over and over again.I have taken Blaines classes and now his tape
has solidified what I learned in his class.I have viewed many jewelry
videos and not one of them can compete with the New Approach
technique.Can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out. Best to
all on this holiday season.J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

I have to agree with everyone’s assessment of the Stone Setting video
by Blaine Lewis. The “you are there” feeling is incredible. I have
never seen such fantastic images. One of my favorite segments is
where you can actually see the metal come down over the top of a
large oval amethyst. The tool section has some classic information
with innovative techniques as well. The stones and settings supplied
for practice are a terrific bonus. I couldn’t be happier with this
package. It is indeed a “Classroom in a Box” and the best
instructional video I have ever seen. I have taken the stone setting
class at New Approach and treasure this video as a refresher course.
I set stones on a fairly regular basis but as a custom designer and
goldsmith, I don’t use all of the techniques all of the time so this
video is sure to now be my first reference source for these types of

Anyone who is going to Tucson and wants to see the video and meet
Blaine can do so at Rio Grande’s Catalogue in Motion at the Tucson
East Hilton from Feb. 2-5.

Eileen DelDuca