Blaine Lewis setting Class

To anybody and everybody out there… I know there has been a thread
on the list here before about Blaine Lewis’ setting classes but I
really feel the need to bring it up again… I just got back from 5
days of Advanced stone setting with Blaine. This class paid for itself
in the first 2 hours… First let me say that Blaine is one of the most
knowledgeable and easy going individuals I have ever met… He knows
his stuff… His demonstrations are straight to the point and very
nicely done. They are shown on 2 TV monitors, and everything is seen
up-close with the help of his camera set up… His explanations are
very clear and his teaching methods are very precise. He answers any
and all questions very thoroughly. This class room setting is great
because he is so easy to get along with. On top of all this he is a
great person… I went to his class with a great deal of experience but
his methods of doing things are going to cut my work time in half!!!
You will learn hands on and do everything he shows after he is done
with the demonstrations. He takes the time to go to everyone in the
class and see if they need help. The limited class size is a big help.
There is more one on one help this way… So for anyone who is thinking
about taking any of his classes, I HIGHLY recommend doing so… You
won’t be sorry… It is worth every penny. You will also get to meet a
great bunch of people who take the class with you… Our group of 10
students was a ton of fun… Thanks again Blaine… We had a blast!!!

Marc Williams…

Marc, I have to put in a second for that.I took his class and it was
the best.Not only did I learn a great deal of knowledge it improved my
business.I have kept in contact with some of the people in the class
so it is a good networking source too.Iam waiting for his vids.
J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio