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Blacklight Checking


Hello fellow Orchidians,

I trust the Orchid dinner went well! Here’s a question.

I have a lady friend who is asking about her new Robbins Bros.

engagement ring. She has a platinum setting that has a large cubic
zirconia in the center, (soon to be replaced by a real diamond) and
two smaller (about 10 point) genuine diamonds, surrounding the
center. My friend is concerned why one of these smaller stones glows
under a black light, and the other doesn’t. She had heard that a real
diamond glows. The center zirconia does not glow. Is one of these
possibly NOT a genuine stone? Thanks for any info! Drew


Hi Andrew , my mother had a diamond replaced a few years ago abd the
new stone was flouresent , the old not . I was told , and have since
read , that stones from some mines , I think one in South Africa ,
flouresse . So that doesn’t meen that the stone is not natural .
Sorry about the bad spelling , its been a long day and I cant be
bothered looking it up ! Besr to all , Philip Wells